Terms of personal data protection

Personal data are processed by Spectrum Brands, s.r.o., VAT ID CZ01791036 (further as “Spectrum Brands”) as a data processor who acts on behalf of the website owner who is the data controller. Spectrum Brands is GDPR compliant. Processing of your personal data is necessary in order to provide you customer service. Please contact the website owner if you have questions about processing of personal data or if you want to request or erase your personal data. This personal information will be provided by Spectrum Brands s.r.o. processed during the negotiations on the conclusion of the contract between you and Spectrum Brands s.r.o., no later than 1 year from your request, unless you give your consent to further processing. Please note that according to the GDPR you have the right: to request information from us on what personal data we process, to request an explanation from us regarding the processing of personal data, to request access to this data from us and to have it updated or corrected, to request us the deletion of this personal data.