About us

We are the drone shows pioneers. We’ve done dozens of drone shows all over Europe! We realized the first drone show in several states. We are a global award-winning drone show company. Check out our works.All our shows are original. Let the sky light up. We have the largest fleet of drones directly in Europe. How many drones will you choose for your show 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000? It’s up to you!

We create exclusive shows and events involving the latest technology and global trends. We are the authors of the first drone shows in Europe under the new EASA rules.

We are winners of the biggest international contest of drone shows. The contest attracted hundreds of teams from 104 countries from all around the world.

We have hundreds of shows in our portfolio involving the world’s most advanced technologies. We create unforgettable exclusive shows and turnkey events that are unforgettable. In over 10 years of our existence, we have hundreds of events and hundreds of thousands of satisfied visitors and clients. We approach each project individually and customize everything according to the client’s wishes and requirements.

Put yourself in the hands of our experienced team of professionals with many years of experience and hundreds of successful projects.