Drone Show

The drone show is the first multimedia show that can make the whole sky light up. Hundreds of drones conjure up images, logos or entire stories directly in the sky.

We are winners of the biggest international contest of drone shows. The contest attracted hundreds of teams from 104 countries from all around the world.

The sophisticated combination of special light drones, together with unique control systems, offers a unique spectacle show that no one will ever forget. Drone shows create images up to several hundred meters in size and are a great culmination of any event or campaign. Drone shows are suitable for all types of outdoor events where you want to impress by, for example, presenting your logo or launching new products.

We are the ones who brought the art of drone shows to the Europe. Let yourself be amazed by a unique show that has no competition and is currently the most prestigious way of presentation.

Drone shows are replacing fireworks in the world’s largest metropolises as they are more environmentally friendly, less noisy and the audience is absolutely amazed by them. Drone shows can also be created as multimedia shows involving other technologies. We can program several tens or even several hundreds or thousands of drones and create unique patterns. Amaze your customers and clients with us and let’s rock the skies together like never before.