FAQ – Frequently asked questions2021-06-11T14:50:08+02:00

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is a drone show2021-06-11T14:36:22+02:00

A drone show is the first multimedia show that can light up the entire sky. Hundreds of drones can display images, logos or entire stories directly in the sky.

Turnkey drone show2021-06-11T14:36:35+02:00

We execute turnkey drone shows, including creative, content creation and permission from the authorities. Contact us and we’ll sort it all out for you.

Who is the drone show for2021-06-11T14:39:38+02:00

For all types of events that want to amaze visitors. It is designed for companies, cities and institutions.

Where drone shows can be held2021-06-11T14:39:47+02:00

The drone show can be held in venues with sufficient space. The minimum defined space is 150x100m for 100 drones, no people can be in this space and if there are buildings, we need the consent of their owners. If it is necessary to fly close to or directly over roads, we must secure the necessary permits and road closures.

Drone show design2021-06-11T14:47:41+02:00

All drone shows are always tailor-made. We will work with you to come up with your unique story that will light up the sky. We complement the visual effects in the sky with musical accompaniment or even voiceover. We can create various 2D or 3D images, logos and texts.

Length of the drone show2022-08-08T13:59:54+02:00

The length of a drone show is normally up to 10 minutes of flight, but if you choose a show with a larger number of drones, we can split the flight into several flights and thus extend the length of the flight up to 30 minutes.

Number of drones2022-08-08T13:55:10+02:00

We recommend a show of at least 100 drones to showcase interesting patterns. We have biggest fleet at Europe. How many drones will you choose for your show 100, 200, 300, 500, 1000?  It’s up to you!

Length of preparation for a drone show2022-08-08T13:59:24+02:00

We ideally need 3 months to prepare a drone show, with a minimum of 15 days in express preparation (with processed permits).

Size of the drone show2022-08-08T13:57:49+02:00

The size of the patterns depends on the size of the defined space and the number of drones. For example, with 100 drones, the size of the patterns can be up to around 100 meters. Basic sizes of the patterns are from 40 to 100 meters.

Flight height of the drone show2021-06-11T14:48:30+02:00

In Europe, the maximum flight height allowed is 120 m. This height, however, also depends on the size of the defined flight area.

Viewing distance of the drone show2021-06-11T14:48:39+02:00

The drone show can be viewed from a distance of hundreds of metres to several kilometres depending on the size of the patterns.


To carry out a drone show we need acceptable weather during the flight and it must not rain or snow immediately before the flight. We cannot fly in winds greater than 60 km/h.


Several permits are required for each drone show, from the Civil Aviation Authority, local authorities, land and building owners over which the flight is being performed. Therefore, it is very important to start planning your show well in advance.

Drone show insurance2021-06-11T14:49:07+02:00

Each of our drones is insured for the amount of 1. 000 000,- Euros against aerial damage.

Drone show safety2021-06-11T14:49:17+02:00

Safety always comes first. All our procedures are very safe. All our flights and procedures are governed by EASA rules.

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